Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fifty Shades- Book One Review

This is a love story between a girl from an average background, Anastastia Steele and a very well-to-do businessman, Christian Grey.
 Anastasia prefers to be called Ana, and I will refer to her in my review as such. Ana is you typical college girl preparing to graduate when she steps in for her sick best friend and interviews Christian Grey for the school newspaper. Mr. Grey is a very rich businessman who has invested in many charities and is going to be handing out diploma's at the college graduation. This is where the two first awkwardly meet, and where they start to fall for each other.

While this book talks an awful lot about BDSM, it is mostly a love story. Every girl in the world has felt as meager as Ana, and every girl also wants to be swept off her feet like Christian does her. He lavishes her with money and gifts and Ana takes it all in.

This book is long, and very long winded. Those who do not enjoy reading for long periods of time will not enjoy this book so much. Those who enjoy reading and have the time to devote to a good book will be well pleased. Those who like to read to expand their minds or vocabulary, however, will not enjoy this book at all. It uses the same terms repeatedly and teaches you nothing.

What really bothers me about this book is the lack of full use of the English language. It is written like a teenager would write. There is an awful lot of "he touched me 'down there'", and that really bothers me. If you are going to write erotica, use erotic words. I can think of 10 words off the top of my head for the vagina, and Mrs. James, a grown woman, chooses to use "down there". This book will definitely not expand your vocabulary or teach you new dirty phrases. This book is very crappy from a literary point of view.

The story itself is pretty awesome though. I really expected to hate this book. I was just reading it join the club, but it ended up captivating me. I never in a million years thought I would want to read the next book, but I have already ordered them both.

If you purchase this book and are in love with the story by halfway in, go ahead and buy the second book! The ending is quite abrupt and will leave you burning for more.